Sanele Omari Jali
Complexion_ Blue

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Sanele Omari Jali began his ongoing 'Complexion' series in 2017. In this open-ended body of work, Sanele employs his distinctive use of image and statement. His geometric style and various colouring is used to disrupt cyclical marginalisation, discrimination and colourism. Through a simple yet striking process, he re-renders bronze or gold sculptural busts as a blue print for a new identity, visually transcribed on paper.

Medium: Linocut on 300gsm Revere Silk Standard White paper

Size: image: 38 x 33.7 cm; paper 51 x 38 cm
Edition size: 12
Year: 2017

Signed and editioned by artist.


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More about the work

Sanele’s work offers vivid and stark visions of reform and autonomy. ‘I work on the idea that people or things should be accepted in any form, shape and colour they appear’, Sanele explains. Influenced by mid-20th century movements such as minimalism and superrealism, Sanele seeks the freedom that comes with simplicity and the notion of a reality that is yet to manifest. For the artist, minimalism is a tool that can assist in finding freedom – from fear, guilt, oppression, and primarily for the artist, freedom of expression. Superrealism hints at something that doesn’t quite exist yet, he explains. ‘There is level of fantasy in the motifs. Simplicity of form serves the idea of acceptance and freedom.’

Sanele Omari Jali

Sanele Omari Jali was born in 1984 in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu Natal and graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus with a BA Fine Art Degree majoring in Fine Art and Art History in 2010. Sanele specialised in printmaking with a major interest in lithography as a focus medium. He has worked as a printmaker at the University of KwaZulu Natal Centre for Visual Arts as well as at LL Editions as a Studio Printer 2014, and currently works as a freelance Master Printer at Prints On Paper at Assemblage Studios in Johannesburg.

Photo credit: Khotso Tsagaane

Additional information

Printed on 300gsm Revere Silk Standard White paper, which has a level soft surface with a slight texture.

Printing Process

Produced using the silkscreen process, a technique in which a mesh cloth is stretched over a heavy wooden frame and the design, painted on the screen by tusche or affixed by stencil, is printed by having a squeegee force colour through the pores of the material.

Framing options

White, Black or Kiaat wooden box frames. Note: Kiaat is a natural wood, the grain and colour will differ slightly with each piece.

Frame design

All frame profile sizes and mounting options are what we believe work most aesthetically and practically with each print.


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