Octavia Roodt

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Johannesburg-based artist Octavia Roodt merges anatomical studies, graphic novel strips and Afrikaans poetry in her surprising digital illustrations. ‘I started drawing comics about Amazonian women before I was 10. I finally sat down and drew from my own life when I was 12. My yearly sketchbooks tend to be very different from one another. They started with collage work, which turned into a stronger focus on realism, which in turn became a more focused on stylised characters.’ While she became a highly deft illustrator through this long-standing process of sketching, it was only when she scanned the many drawings she had made over the years and began to work with them digitally that she realised her true calling as a digital painter. Having worked in various creative contexts, she is now pursuing her masters in Visual Studies, yet treasures her experience as an illustrator, and her ability to work with both digital and traditional media. The flatness of digital colouration, accompanied by the tonality of her lines, presents a new world that is all at once humorous, intoxicating and remarkably beautiful. In Comic, Octavia combines archetypal depictions of masculine and feminine with the Namibian Voortrekker myth. ‘How would these stories play out in a mythical, virtual-reality fuelled future?,’ she asks ‘What does settler-spirituality become in a harsh land that has already been colonised, recolonised, decolonised and is now lost to the elements? As with any civilisation down on its luck, some parts of culture stagnate and others progress. Who does the patriarch become and what are its effects? What is the specific role of women in ritual? The subtle “who, me?” carnality gently teases Trekker ideology without making fools of the characters.’

Medium: poster print on matt 230gsm paper
Size: image + paper: A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) / A2 (42 x 59.4 cm) / A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm)
Edition: 100 + 10 AP



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Pictorial Nerve

pictorial nerve is an ongoing portfolio series conceived and published by offsetculture.art. The series is broadly focussed on visual cultures establishing a bridge between contemporary art, design, illustration, photography and other cultural manifestations. Similarly, the anatomy of the series is imagined as a hybrid of a poster portfolio, a zine, an artist book and an artwork. It is an exploration of printed matter, the beautiful nexus between image and text, and elicits a playful consideration of how this material can exist within and outside traditional art spaces. The first iteration of the series looks at a new zeitgeist that is somewhat comparable with what was loosely called The Pictures Generation in the late 20th Century. At the time, these artists were defined by their layered adaptions, revealing the fabricated nature of images, with an element of frank social commentary. Now, a younger generation with varied cultural references and experience offer a parallel but unstudied cross­ pollination of activity that spans numerous creative disciplines. In addition, the transition from analogue to digital has generated a refreshing, brazen and sometimes lateral approach towards the pictorial, especially in the Global South.

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Printed on Heavy Coated Hi-White 230gsm paper.

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