Nina Barnett
Upend, Suspend (Breccia)

R3,500.00 – R4,800.00

Nina Barnett has been working with printmaker Sara-Aimee Verity to create a series of prints referencing the Vredefort Dome – a meteor impact site south of Johannesburg. After an impact there is a moment of weightlessness, when the ground becomes airborne and dispersed. Breccia is a conglomerate that can hold the memory of suspension – particulate large and small imbedded in younger rock. This print is an experiment in visualising the momentary and the concrete, and considering how these time scales can stand in for (and inform on) each other.

MediumRelief print
Size50 x 36 cm
Edition size: 10
Year: 2018

Signed by the artist.


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Run by artist Sara-Aimee Verity, edition~verso functions as an ongoing print studio; from conjunctive experimentation and publishing to artistic research, knowledge sharing, offering the proximity that the workshop generates. Established in 2016, the verso imprint serves as both publishing platform and preserve for the development of printworks by artists and makers. The studio's scope of techniques include: intaglio and photopolymer gravure, relief work and chine colle and once-off impressions in oil and watercolour monotype.

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