Lunga Ntila

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Artist and designer Lunga Ntila uses the art of digital collage as a platform for her outspoken and powerfully resonating feminist ideals. ‘My feminism looks like freedom; it is opinionated and unapologetic,’ she says. She poignantly confronts the critical dismantling of white patriarchy, while underlining the need to reclaim an identity long fragmented by systematic oppression. In a series called Define Beauty, she distorts and rearranges shards and slices of her own image, questioning how ideas of beauty and self are constructed. ‘Often featuring in her own work, Lunga strategically uses her own body to challenge men’s entitlement over womxn’s bodies,’ writes Ayanda Mazibuko. Lunga draws inspiration from art movements such as expressionism, cubism and post-impressionism, but rethinks these Western and male-dominated approaches in a new wave of radical and intersectional feminist expression. In Intertwined, Lunga asserts both corporeal and intangible control through a beautifully harmonised collage of torsos and limbs seemingly interlaced like branches or chromosomes. Intertwined forms part of the pictorial nerve poster series.

Medium: poster print on matt 230gsm paper
Size: image + paper: A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) / A2 (42 x 59.4 cm)/ A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm)
Edition: 100 + 10 AP



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Pictorial Nerve

pictorial nerve is an ongoing portfolio series conceived and published by The series is broadly focussed on visual cultures establishing a bridge between contemporary art, design, illustration, photography and other cultural manifestations. Similarly, the anatomy of the series is imagined as a hybrid of a poster portfolio, a zine, an artist book and an artwork. It is an exploration of printed matter, the beautiful nexus between image and text, and elicits a playful consideration of how this material can exist within and outside traditional art spaces. The first iteration of the series looks at a new zeitgeist that is somewhat comparable with what was loosely called The Pictures Generation in the late 20th Century. At the time, these artists were defined by their layered adaptions, revealing the fabricated nature of images, with an element of frank social commentary. Now, a younger generation with varied cultural references and experience offer a parallel but unstudied cross­ pollination of activity that spans numerous creative disciplines. In addition, the transition from analogue to digital has generated a refreshing, brazen and sometimes lateral approach towards the pictorial, especially in the Global South.

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Printed on Heavy Coated Hi-White 230gsm paper.

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Digital inkjet printing through Wetink Fine Art.

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White, Black or Kiaat wooden box frames. Note: Kiaat is a natural wood, the grain and colour will differ slightly with each piece.

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