Lunga Ntila
Watching me, they watching me

R2,300.00 – R3,500.00

Lunga Ntila a visual artist, primarily using digital collage and photography as a means of storytelling, creating a dialogue between her own images and various other references. She does this in numerous ways, utilising elements as simple as, for example, a colour study, telling the story of textures that enhance the colour or the mood it communicates, given its surrounding setting. She draws from little things such as movement, language and sound, the basic composition of one’s everyday life.

MediumMatt Lightjet print
Size30.9 x 31.1 cm
Edition10 + 2 Artist Proofs



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More about Lunga

Lunga's work ultimately evokes the notion that narrative resonates within all of us, regardless of the milieu, and that there are various ways in which a single story can be told depending on one’s perspective. 'Storytelling ideally confirms an inner truth that we connect to at a deeper level, creating a profound understanding that affirms who we are as human beings,' she explains. 'We use stories to connect, to break down barriers, allowing us to experience the similarities between ourselves that are imagined or that are real, but perhaps not ostensibly clear. Photography and photo manipulation is my chosen medium as it allows me to engage and manipulate my images by adding and subtracting elements that further perpetuate the message that I am putting across.'

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