Kevin Krapf

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American artist and diplomat Kevin Krapf spent the past several years posted in South Africa. As well as carrying out his position as a political officer, he spent time engaging with the cultural landscape in remarkably singular ways. His approach has been to occupy spaces, such as museums and heritage sites, living in them in order to produce work that reflects on their history or context. One of these is the historic Liliesleaf farm in northern Johannesburg, which secretly housed African National Congress (ANC) activists in the 1960s and was where many prominent ANC leaders were arrested, leading to the Rivonia Trial.

Medium: Lithograph
Size: image: 29.7 x 42 cm; paper: 47 x 55.7 cm
Edition size: 12
Year: 2017

Signed and editioned by artist.


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More about the work

Kevin set up his studio in the main house at Liliesleaf, which is now a museum, and produced a series of paintings on site, reliving the coalescence of cultural production and political activism that occurred there over fifty years ago. In particular, he wanted to pay homage to Arthur Goldreich, South African-Israeli abstract painter and a key figure in the anti-apartheid movement. Goldreich was assigned by the South African Communist Party (SACP) to be the front man for Liliesleaf, which the party bought to be a safe house. Kevin related to this overlap of the political and the cultural, which he believes is an integral component of society's progression. As an extension to and reflection on his painting project at Liliesleaf, Kevin created a lithograph depicting the farm as a monument and a symbol, surrounded by wild animals roaming free, and pointing to the simple yet surreal beauty of emancipation.

Kevin Krapf

Kevin Krapf is an artist and diplomat from the United States. While based in South Africa he staged numerous cultural interventions, the most recent being Inside and All Who Live There (2017) at Liliesleaf Farm. This was preceded by his performative project Day for Night and Night for Day and… (2015), which was a work-week-long “residency” at the Museum of African Design (MOAD) in Johannesburg, where he created an exhibition from scratch on site. Each evening after his day-job, Kevin returned to the gallery to make art at night. This process was envisioned to enable him – in part through self-induced delirium – to smudge illusionary boundaries, which are normally separated; work and leisure, stability and transformation, reality and creativity, life and art. The result interweaved a personal narrative with the public and the political, creating what he viewed as a portrait of the city. Kevin is currently working as a US cultural attaché based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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