Gustavo Speridião
Sem título, da série Cartaz Ginasial II

R15,000.00 – R18,000.00

Gustavo Speridião’s work is described by writer Guilherme Bueno as an ongoing sketch or, alternatively ‘a translation of pictorial vocabulary’ – such as political slogans and graffiti – borrowed from urban spaces. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he still lives and works, Gustavo adopts and hones the power of street language to challenge master narratives documented in ‘official’ contexts, in magazines, books, films and advertisements that we are instructed tell the truth. His defacement of a monolithic history offers opinions rather than imposed fact, revealing his intention to propose new variants of history through individual, everyday experience, as well as collective influence.

MediumMixed media and serigraphic printing on paper
Size95 x 66 cm
Edition size: 1/1
Year: 2008-2010



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More about the series

In the series Cartaz Ginasial, Gustavo repeatedly interrupts and vandalises an image suggesting the promise of high school graduation leading to gainful employment. In a country with soaring rates of unemployment and public universities in crisis, the reality of entering the job market is riddled with obstacles. There is a strange beauty to Gustavo’s sophisticated and poetic school-boy graffiti, and his fragile layers of tape and collage, suggesting that a path to overcoming socio-economic paradox is to break the rules, or at least disrupt them.

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