Cartazes 25 De Junho
Republica Popular De Mocambique

Cartazes 25 De Junho + Cartazes 1º de Maio is a portfolio of 17 loose colour posters celebrating both Mozambique’s independence, and the 1st of May Workers day. The posters are held within their original slip case titled ‘Cartazes 25 De Junho | Republica Popular De Mocambique’ on the front and ‘Cartazes 1º de Maio | Republica Popular De Mocambique’ on the back. They collectively illustrate the mode of poster production in Mozambique following the pan-African movement toward independence in the 1960s. While pre-1975 posters emphasised suffering under colonial rule and the objectives of the struggle, these examples of post-independence agitprop stress advancing the country under the direction of FRELIMO (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique) and socialism.

This rare and collectable historical portfolio is supplied through the Daville Baillie Bookshop at Victoria Yards in Lorentzville, Johannesburg.

17 posters, sizes variable from 38 x 27.8cm to 31 x 41 cm.

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More about the portfolio

The portfolio recalls the period after the Mozambican War of Independence, an armed conflict between the guerrilla forces of the Mozambique Liberation Front or FRELIMO and Portugal. Beginning in 1964, the war resulted in a negotiated independence in 1975. The visual language of 20th century political posters in Mozambique was partly influenced by socialist agitprop of countries such as Soviet Union, Cuba and China. This included the use of symbols such as red flags and stars, raised fists, the hammer and hoe, as well as conventional socialist depictions of soldiers, nurses, students, and marching peasants or workers. In the 1960s and '70s, these typically socialist images interestingly began to coalesce with the design vernacular of Western commercial poster art and the use of photomontage and modern offset techniques.

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