Allyssa Herman
Working + Walking

R3,000.00 – R4,500.00

In a powerful diptych titled Working + Walking, Allyssa Herman explores the implicit constructs and prejudices within traditional photography and travel and fashion images, using solid colour and contrast. She points to the composition of magazine photography, which was often technically weighted according to convention, and – along with the much-researched bias of early camera film towards white skin – influences the way we view the figures represented within them. In Working, Allyssa presents the kind of images seen in ethnological documentation and travel magazines, which often present black female figures submerged in a dark, heavy space. In Walking, we see the same, but inverted, a white woman, derivative of figures in fashion magazines from the mid to late 20th Century, becomes weightless, moving through space with what looks like an elevated ease. In each instance, we see the orchestrated and insidious power of images and process to perpetuate prejudice through light and composition.

Medium: Linocut, diptych
Size: image: 39 x 23.5 cm; paper: 42.5 x 26.5 cm (each)
Edition size: 10 (each)
Year: 2017

Signed and editioned by the artist. 


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This work forms part of a collection of prints curated by Danger Gevaar Ingozi (DGI). DGI is a collaborative workspace and studio in inner city Johannesburg. It is one of South Africa’s only artist-run and black-owned print studios. The studio offers a mixed media art production facility with a particular focus on linocut relief printing. Their primary aim is to provide emerging artists with a studio space, as well as marketing and circulating their works. DGI has engendered a new space within the cultural landscape of South Africa, while also promoting their production on global platforms. In both contexts, DGI confronts and hopes to shift socio-economic exclusion and prejudice that is embedded in the industry. DGI is run by artists Chad Cordeiro, Sbongiseni Khulu and Nathaniel Sheppard III, along with business partner and founder Anaz Mia.

Allyssa Herman

Allyssa Herman is an artist based in Johannesburg. She is currently studying towards a degree in fine art at the Wits School of Art (WSOA). Allyssa was the second runner-up at the 2017 Young Artist Awards at The Point of Order gallery in Braamfontein in an exhibition titled Frequently Asked Questions. For the exhibition, Allyssa recreated a kitchen space mixed with objects that are not usually found in the kitchen. ‘My work consists of multiple components,’ she explains, ‘some embroidery and I made paper using my pubic hair. I tried to recreate a space where I had conversations that shaped me’. Her work also features on the exhibition One Colour at a Time: Contemporary Screenprints at the Wits Art Museum (WAM). The show is an initiative to showcase recent contemporary work being made in South Africa. WAM invited three printing studios located in Johannesburg: Artist Proof Studio (APS), Prints on Paper (POP) and Division of Visual Arts, Wits School of Arts (DIVA) to collaboratively curate the exhibition.

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Printed on archival fine art paper.

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Produced using the linocut technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface.

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