Kaá, the Yvy Maraey Institute’s International Artist-in-Residence programme, will take place from March 20th to April 20th, 2019 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Kaá has put out an open call to select four visual artists for the residency. The call is open to artists living in Brazil and foreigners and who have been professionally active for at least 5 years. One of the vacancies will be given to an artist residing in Rio Grande do Sul.

The project was awarded in the call #juntospelacultura_2_ of Rio Grande do Sul Fund for Cultural Support, with additional funding from COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges.

More about Yvy Maraey Institute

The institute is a green territory in continuous evolution that occupies an area of 25 acres in the rural area of Porto Alegre. The institute’s mission is to experience art with nature, at the same time that promotes innovative and interdisciplinary actions that take the environment as a space at risk and permanent conservation, the ideal place for experimental and sustainable artistic practices.

More about the residency

Kaá (‘bush’ in Tupi-Guarani) names the first edition of the international residency program promoted by the Yvy Maraey Institute. The residency has a practical, interactive and immersive character, focusing on the multiple and sensitive relations between contemporary art and nature.

The program understands that the art residency is not only about the artist’s presence in a certain context but, above all, it’s a moment of development and exchange between the subject and the space around it.

During the four-week residency, selected artists will create contemporary art works and installations – permanent and / or temporary interventions – around the 25 acres of the Institute. The program seeks to give visibility to the artistic practices that question the contradictions and ambivalences of the complex relationship between art and nature.

As a way of promoting the rural area of Porto Alegre, Kaá intends to create a circumstantial connection between the rural zone and contemporary art, encouraging community members to actively participate in the cultural dialogues concerning the town.

In the Guarani worldview, Nature is not seen from outside as in the Western thought – in which Nature and the Human Being are distinct things in their essence, importance and aims. The Guarani perspective embraces the interdependence of all that exists and the destiny shared between the place and those who inhabit it. So everything that happens on earth also overmaster the people of the earth. Caring for the land would then mean take care of ourselves. We want to share this ancestral vision of interdependence with the residents and Institute’s visitors.

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Deadline: 24 January 2019