offset culture is an independent online platform offering printed matter, with a focus on the Global South. Based in South Africa, we work collaboratively, seeking out alternative cultural spaces and communities intent on rebalancing the art world. We’re interested in new platforms outside of traditional art world models, and are focused on addressing disparity and building a cultural community of people leveraging off each other’s strengths. When we can, we publish our own editions in collaboration with various artists, print studios and galleries. We also function as an outlet for existing prints and publications that are in line with our ethos.

All artworks and books are available online, and we ship to anywhere in the world.

offset culture was initiated by Lara Koseff and Ricardo da Silva. Lara has worked in the art field as a curator, writer, editor and designer for 12 years. A specialist in the fields of economics and computer science, Ricardo has over 15 years experience building online platforms and running operations within financial markets. Coming from two different perspectives, both Lara and Ricardo picked up on a need to connect artists to new and developing markets, and young collectors to good, affordable art. 

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